Questions About Asbestos-Related Illness and Death

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How long has the link between asbestos and lung disease been known?


The ancient Greeks and Romans were perhaps the first to recognize the negative effects of asbestos on respiratory health. With the coming of the industrial revolution, asbestos became a very popular manufacturing material. As a result, the link between asbestos exposure and lung problems became more widely known and reported. Amazingly, the first lawsuits against asbestos manufacturers did not occur until 1929, several years after asbestos had been identified as a toxic substance. Mesothelioma sufferers had to wait until 1951 before they were able to seek compensation for their illness.


What conditions other than mesothelioma are caused by asbestos exposure?


Thousands of people who have been exposed to asbestos but who have not developed mesothelioma suffer from a condition called asbestosis. This condition refers to a chronic inflammation of lung tissue which causes severe shortness of breath. People with asbestosis are at a very high risk of developing mesothelioma at some point.


Can asbestos cause other types of cancer?


While mesothelioma most commonly affects the lungs, or affects the lungs first and then spreads to other organs, it can target other organs first. It is not unusual for mesothelioma to develop around the heart or the gastrointestinal tract.


Is asbestosis curable?


No. All that really can be done to treat asbestosis is avoidance of further asbestos exposure, smoking cessation, and the use of supplemental oxygen. Asbestosis sufferers are at a much higher risk of developing virtually all viral, bacterial, and fungal lung infections. Vaccinations and other treatments are often necessary to ward off such infections.


What kind of damages can be sought in a mesothelioma case?


Mesothelioma patients can seek compensation for economic loss, pain and suffering, medical expenses, permanent disability, and loss of earning capacity. Punitive damages can also be awarded if the defendant acted in an especially negligent manner.


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