Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

Orlando, Ocala, Kissimmee, Brandon, Winter Haven, Florida


All property owners or managers have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for anyone who might enter or pass through. Premises which are not safe must be clearly marked and sufficiently barricaded to prevent someone from entering and getting seriously hurt.


Unfortunately, many property owners neglect to either maintain a safe environment or neglect to sufficiently warn others that their premises are unsafe. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s negligence in providing a safe environment, then you might have a valid premises liability case.  Experienced Orlando premises liability attorney Stephen J. Knox can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Common Premises Liability Claims


Some of the most common premises liability claims come from injuries caused by:


  • Dog bites or other animal attacks
  • Negligent security resulting in violent crime
  • Falling objects due to inadequate shelving, scaffolding, or other safety precautions
  • Defective or malfunctioning elevators
  • Inadequate warning signs or barricading around a construction site
  • Unsafe playground equipment or insufficient playground supervision
  • Drowning accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Insufficient lighting 


A Property Owner’s Duty


The term “premises” broadly applies to any land, place of business, residence, park, or other public space. The property owner’s responsibility to you depends largely on your status when you enter onto the property. In order to establish a case, you will need to categorize yourself as an invited guest, licensee, or trespasser.


Invited guest and licensee status entitles you to the highest safety standards. Retail environments and other public places are expected to be hazard-free, or have any hazards clearly marked.


Trespasser status does not entitle you to such high standards. However, property owners are still required to keep reasonably safe premises, even for trespassers.


If you live in the Orlando, Ocala, Kissimmee, Brandon or Winter Haven, Florida areas and have suffered a personal injury due to someone’s negligence in maintaining safe premises, please contact our Orlando premises liability office today to arrange your free case evaluation with Mr. Knox. We also serve Bartow, Citrus, Mulberry, Plant City, Sumter, and Zephyrhills.

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