Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycles have become immensely popular in recent years. This should not come as a surprise once you take into consideration the superior fuel efficiency and other conveniences they provide. Plus, they are a much more fun and exciting way of getting around than a typical passenger vehicle.


Hundreds of thousands of new motorcycles hit the roadway every year in the United States. Unfortunately, this translates into an increasing number of motorcycle accidents. Laws, regulations, and insurance rules governing motorcycle accidents differ from those related to other motor vehicle accidents.


If you or a loved one is ever involved in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another, experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney Stephen J. Knox can help make sure your rights are protected.


Motorcycle Safety Statistics


The following facts shed some light on the circumstances surrounding motorcycle accidents in our country:


  • Males make up 97 percent of motorcycle fatalities
  • Motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers make up 98 percent of fatalities in accidents that involve an automobile
  • Motorcyclists involved in a traffic accident are 34 times more likely to die than the driver or passenger of an automobile
  • Of every 100 non-helmeted motorcyclists killed in accidents, approximately 37 of these would have survived had they been wearing one
  • Six out of ten motorcycle/automobile accidents occur on urban roadways. Less than one in ten occur on interstate highways
  • The motorcycle is determined to be the striking vehicle in 75 percent of accidents involving a motorcycle and an automobile
  • While motorcycles only make up 2 percent of registered vehicles on our roadways, motorcyclists and passengers make up 10 percent of traffic fatalities


A High Risk Region


Partially due to our climate and lifestyle, Floridians are more likely to own and drive motorcycles than the average American. As a result, Florida has a slightly elevated rate of annual motorcycle accidents. Mr. Knox has handled motorcycle accident claims for many Central Florida residents throughout his 23 year legal career. He understands the nuanced laws governing these claims, and can help provide you with the greatest likelihood of a successful outcome to your case.


For more information about Florida’s motorcycle laws please visit our Rules of the Road for Motorcyclists page.


If you live in the Orlando, Ocala, Kissimmee, Brandon or Winter Haven, Florida area and have been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact our Orlando personal injury law office today to arrange your consultation with Mr. Knox. We also serve Bartow, Citrus, Mulberry, Plant City, Sumter, and Zephyrhills.

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