How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Orlando, Ocala, Kissimmee, Brandon, Winter Haven, Florida


Choosing the right personal injury attorney can be a very difficult, time-consuming process. It can add a significant amount of extra burden to the lives of individuals who are already dealing with the emotional and physical pain of recovery from their injury. If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you do not want to hire just any lawyer. Here are a few suggestions to help make your selection process easier.


Look for Experience


Experience is crucial when it comes to personal injury law. A general law degree alone is not enough to make a good personal injury lawyer. Personal injury cases require an extensive knowledge of insurance law and the insurance business in general. A good personal injury attorney must know the loopholes and other tricks that insurance adjusters use to reduce and deny insurance claims.


Personal injury law is a highly specialized and sophisticated area of the law. It takes an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to understand how to evaluate all of the details of your claim to ensure that you have the greatest likelihood of success.


Be sure your lawyer has trial experience and has actually gone to trial on several personal injury cases. It is also important to choose a board certified lawyer. Orlando personal injury lawyer Stephen J. Knox has over 23 years of trial experience fighting the big insurance companies and other well-funded corporate and government legal teams. He is a board certified attorney who knows the best legal strategies to use in order to ensure that you get all the compensation you deserve.


Contingency Fee


Most personal injury attorneys do not charge fees until you have received a settlement. This system ensures that the attorney will work hard on your case, since his or her commission is based on getting the maximum settlement possible. Beware of any attorney that charges up-front costs.


Some lawyers will expect you to pay court costs even if they operate on a contingency fee basis. You will want to make sure you understand the fee expectations up front before hiring an attorney. It is a good idea to have your fee agreement in writing so that there is no confusion as the case progresses.


If you live in the Orlando, Ocala, Kissimmee, Brandon or Winter Haven, Florida areas and have suffered a personal injury, please contact our Florida personal injury law offices today to arrange your free case evaluation with Mr. Knox. We also serve Bartow, Citrus, Mulberry, Plant City, Sumter, and Zephyrhills.

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