Ambulance/Paramedic Error

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Prompt and competent medical treatment from a paramedic or emergency medical technician can mean the difference between life and death for hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Most paramedics are up to the task and perform their job in accordance with the established standards of care that paramedics are expected to uphold. However, paramedics do make errors from time to time, resulting in unnecessary personal injury and wrongful death.


The Role of the Paramedic


Paramedics and EMTs are not medical doctors so they are not trained or qualified to perform many medical procedures. As a result, they are not expected to meet the same standards as emergency room doctors, trauma doctors, or other medical professionals. The level of training and experience will vary from paramedic to paramedic, but all paramedics are expected to perform the following tasks:


  • Recognize a medical emergency and quickly assess a patient’s condition
  • Competently manage a patient’s care, including the prioritization and implementation of appropriate treatments
  • Monitor the response and vital signs of the patient
  • Record and communicate vital information to the emergency room at the hospital or other medical facility
  • Transport a patient to the hospital in a timely manner


Failure to transport a patient, failure to communicate with emergency room doctors, and failure to monitor a patient’s vital signs are some of the more common errors made by paramedics and EMTs. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and the administration of inappropriate medications are also common.


Paramedics are expected to do everything within reason to maintain blood flow and oxygen to the brain of a patient, control external bleeding, and immobilize patients with possible spinal fractures. In most ambulance/paramedic medical malpractice cases, several mistakes are made, increasing the severity of the patient’s injuries.


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